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About us

NEWTECH is a family owned company with ship industry traditions spanning for three generations. We gained our experience in ship building, ship overhaul, and steel constructions. Currently the scope of our work is ultrasonic thickness mesurements of ships, various floating and land-based constructions.

Our inspectors are well educated, with experiences from shipyards in Poland and Europe and practical knowledge gained on over a thousand ships measured.

We measured ships in over 50 countries, for more than 100 ship owners. We are certified by 7 main Classiffication Societies from IACS. Caring for time and money of our clients - do not forget about quality and environmental protection.  


  1. We specialize in ultrasonic thickness measurement of ships.
  2. We are a family company investing in people, knowledge and quality.
  3. We come to the ship to do the job, not learn it.
  4. We have measured about 1000 ships for over 100 ship owners.
  5. Responsibility, punctuality, professionalism and helpfulness - are our mottos.
  6. We are certified by 7 main Classiffication Societies from IACS.
  7. Classification Societies inspectors know us, value our work and trust us.
  8. Thanks to the excellent organization, each order can be implemented immediately
  9. We can make any order, regardless of the ship berth place
  10. We have an impressive experience in measuring ships during open sea voyages.
  11. Each of our inspectors has a Seaman`s Book with certificates.
  12. Each of our inspectors has a valid passport with visas of USA, Brasil, Canada, China.
  13. We are licensed to measure ESP and 1st category ships.
  14. We have personal certificates for UTT ultrasonic measurements and for ultrasonic tests UT1 and UT2.
  15. We have unique training certificates from PRS and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.
  16. We are equipped with advanced measuring devices allowing us to measure through paint.
  17. We implemented and maintain a Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001:2001.
  18. We have experience in measurements of probably all types of vessels.
  19. We work in an unlimited time frame.
  20. We speak English, Russian.
  21. All our inspectors have up-to-date physical examinations, fire safety training, health and safety training and vaccinations.
  22. There are no impossible tasks for us, sometimes it just takes a bit more time and effort.