Scope of measurements

The scope of our ultrasonic thickness measurements ranges from:

  1. Class renewal survey
  2. Annual survey
  3. Intermediate survey
  4. Drydock survey
  5. Emergency survey
  6. Condition Assessment Program (CAP, CAS i HCAP)

We perform measurements in:

  1. Ports
  2. Docks
  3. During cargo operations
  4. During voyages between ports
  5. During sea and ocean voyages
  6. We perform tank measurements after flooding (i.e. "RAFTING")
  7. Measurement surveys for technical evaluation before ship`s overhaul, with estimation of amount of steel to be replaced.
  8. Measurement survey for ship owners knowledge only.
  9. Surveys before ship sale / purchase.
  10. Coating assessment condition in cargo and ballast tanks.
  11. Corrosion level and technical condition evaluations.

Ship types:

  1. Bulk carriers, OBO, ORE
  2. Oil tankers
  3. Chemical tankers
  4. Gas carriers   LPG / LNG
  5. Container ships
  6. General cargo ships, Multipurpose ships
  7. Car carriers
  8. Reefers
  9. Passenger ferries, cruise ships
  10. Navy ships
  11. Fishing trawlers
  12. Platform supply vessels
  13. Semisubmersible vessels
  14. Self unloading ships
  15. Dredgers
  16. Floating cranes
  17. Tugboats, barges and pilot boats
  18. Yachts, speed craft boats

Other constructions:

  1. Steel constructions
  2. Masts, chimneys
  3. Industrial constructions (water, gas, heating systems)
  4. Fuel tanks, cisterns
  5. Pressure installations